Sunday, 8 April 2012

So Spring is here....the journey begins

Thank you to everyone whom has tweeted and emailed me. I have not forgotten the blog, it is a question of getting an internet connection in order to access the blog and upload! As you can see, the last time I was on the internet - as opposed to tweeting on my phone, was February!
The joys of living in a rural village with wireless internet that uses masts around the village!

So what journeys or paths have you travelled since the last blog?

I ask this as not only an idea to think on or reflect at a personal level, but at this time of year we are all very aware of the new life around us such as chicks, lambs, seeds, plants. 
What journey will they encounter? What will they see, hear, deal with and overcome?
Over the next month or so, I would love to hear from any of you that have been following a journey
 or path, maybe something that is very different from what you have previously followed, believed or known.  Maybe a course or new job, a move or life change?
How did you get on with the move from the comfort zone, the known, to the great unknown?
Some people find solace in a special place to retreat to, to ground and meditate, connect and recharge.

Many use mantras, key words or ceremonies.

Some find solace and support in friends, family and people around them.

So this Spring as we head into the Summer and months beyond, what journey would you like to make?
What could you achieve in this time?


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