Friday, 9 December 2011

It’s Yule, have a ball!

So getting the party started, if you have a ball, what do you need? Some Yule decorations of course!
Continuing my theme from the earlier post and also in line with my hedgewytchery roots, this does not mean spending out loads of money.  Instead, recycle and reuse what I have and see what nature has on offer.

So here are a few decoration ideas that I have used so far this year – total cost NOTHING!

Inspired from my son’s school – paper snowflakes.  Yes we have all made them before, and you can use any paper that’s on hand.  But how about stringing them together and cascading them from the ceiling as they did in their school hall!

So, we used old school newsletters!


Using old pieces of material or left overs from projects – create a Yule garland. The idea comes from Kirties Homemade Christmas, basically cut out the shape required, stuff, sew, add a bell and hang up en masse. Here is the link that will lead you to the episode in question


Now this year is my daughters first Yule, so a major craft for this Yule has been her pentagram. 
I collected 5 pieces of elder tree when out walking, then formed the pentagram and used coloured and recycled ribbons and strings. 
The items and colours chosen being relevant to her birth and journey so far. 
The use of bells not only being fun for a 3 month old to watch and listen, but the sound will help ward off spirits or unwanted familiars.

More pictures will be added over the days - so check out Twitter elder__flower and on here too.
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  1. I love the pentagram! Hopping for the ball this morning.

    I am a dark fiction author. I write The Demon Stole My Pencil.


  2. What fun snowflakes! Happy Yuletide Ball!


  3. love it! when i was young, my mom helped me make my pentagram with cinnamon sticks. i may just do that right now.

    thanks for reminding me of that- how fun!

  4. I'm a huge fan of DIY, recycling, and festive decor! Kudos for your lovely ideas. :)

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments! Will update the blog and Twitter account with new makes etc

  6. I love homemade ornament ideas! :-)