Thursday, 29 December 2011


New Year resolutions ... everyone is writing about what YOU need to do and what YOU should be doing, what they should be, what you can do to ensure success and so on.  And whilst yes I am an advocate of setting goals, making them achievable and using NLP and hypnotherapy and other techniques (see details), I am going to continue my theme of keeping it simple.
Prospect Cottage Dungeness

It is only my view, but when you keep things simple, success is more likely.  Okay okay, NLP does have some play in this theory, as essentially it requires being specific and to the point. But I digress as always ...

What is it that I am going to be doing? I love buying a bargain, I would go to Costa everyday (ask anyone who knows me) and I often end up buying said ‘bargain/s’ that are not always cheap.  So, as I have already been doing in November/December in order to economise as needs must, items will be sourced from sales, will now be homemade and the term ‘thrifty’ rather than Costa will now be my motto.  The aim is to save money, and although the paper does indeed grow on trees the monetary value does not.  I have also found that finding a bargain and homemade items have much more value to me than something from a chain store or bulk produced.

So far the following have been a real help:
Freecycle/freegle – childrens games and birth to toddler real nappy set already, and various items given away in return!
Kirstie Allsop on 4OD for ideas, whilst materials can be pricey, you can often find recycled items or substitutes!
Anything by River Cottage – the forums on the site are a mass of ideas and inspiration

Twitter is a fountain of information and ideas, take a look at:
@AndyRHamilton co-author if the self sufficientish bible – their tip about cling film for double glazing, tried and tested and fab!
@AlysFowler gardener, forager, yummy recipes and giving up plastic!
@BeeStrawbridge is another source of inspiration

These are but a few and when anything pops up I will add it to the blog or Tweet it – so make sure you are following me at elder__flower. Please please please let me know if you have a site or a hint/tip, add it to the blog or send it to me.


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