Monday, 28 May 2012

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic UK

Introducing my new, well not so new, venture.  I have previously been a consultant with NYRO and thought a quick post was in order!

It seems that any magazine that I open there is a NYRO product being praised, the wild rose beauty balm being a big must have as it has many uses from face mask, moisturiser and more...

If you want to make some extra money, and it takes work and is not instant, then this is an ideal flexible solution as you choose your hours.  Have a look at my site find out more.

Okay that's the blatant advertising bit done, down to the bit I really love about NYRO - their ethics and theory behind it all and the smell of the products.  I use the rose facial wash daily, their teas are tasty and the handwashes leave your hands smelling lovely. Not only do they use beautiful ingredients, they run various campaigns, such as Bee Lovely an initiative to plant more wildflowers.  In light of the news today that a rare bee has returned to the UK down at Dungeness, this company is well worth a thought and read for any nature lover.  There is an online book for further reading.

If like I used to be, you are not entirely sure what half the products in any beauty store mean or do - again this company is ideal.  You can book a consultant to come and host a party for you, with brilliant incentives and gifts, and a demonstration is always on offer.  In my case you also get a demonstration of uses in other therapies too, so a bit like a mini spa treatment! Or, yet another alternative, videos are online showing you techniques and uses, products and more at

I will be blogging more over the next few days, especially with the jubilee being just around the corner.  As I sit here Emily is just waking up and I can hear my neighbour moving their ladder up and down putting up a vibrant array of bunting.  My village will be running 3 days worth of events, including a scarecrow competition .... watch this space!

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