Tuesday, 22 May 2012

So finally the yellow thing in the sky has appeared and it is rather warm, albeit breezy.  That said, as a result, there is a glorious deluge of cut lawn aromas blasting through my village.  Even with hayfever this can be enjoyed, having discovered Hay Max a few years ago!

Now down to business, the Chelsea results are in, for a full list visit  http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show/2012/Awards Be patient if the site is slow at times, this is due to increased visitors.

My favourite garden designed by Chris Beardshaw with the Hobbit house won a gold, even more of a lovely surprise once I discovered I had been talking to Kate on Twitter whom has beyond close links to it! Upon closer inspection of http://www.furzey-gardens.org/ the input behind the garden is all the more clear and I am thinking this will need to be added to my places to visit list! They seem to be on everything, as they have just had a mention on Classic FM to the students who helped grow the plants!

Whilst out walking this morning I noted how many of the plants used this year are already in our gardens and surroundings, things such as the rhododendrons, cow parsley and ferns that are very 'in' this year at Chelsea. 

But what about when you discover that new plant or seed you just must find out about?
For me trying out the tomatillo seeds this year has been a pleasure, even more so with the yellow flowers now starting to sparkle though.  And again, Chelsea, with their new plants to discover, previous years the digitalis  saltwood summer and red clovers that adorned all gardens. 
So what will this years be? It was another foxglove, digitalis illumination:

And then, well finally then, you get that plant that you just do not know about! I 'think' this is a spurge??? If anyone knows exactly what this is growing wild in the woods, please let me know!

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